Information Communication Technology Intern – 31769

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Information Communication Technology Intern – 31769


The application form is not duly filled.
The questionnaire at the end of the application form is not answered. (for external candidates)
A valid residence permit is not attached to the application. (for non-Ugandan external candidates only)
Duties and Qualifications: The intern's roles to offer: 1. ICT Technical support to UNHCR staff.

2. Assist in orienting newly recruited staff and providing all essential ICT equipment loaded with the organization's standard applications and operating system.

3. Keep updated ICT equipment records and their operating conditions.

4. Keep an updated list of ICT equipment for Uganda in coordination with the ICT team.

5. Assist in performing other related duties as required.

ICT infrastructure (1). Academic qualifications BSC in Computer science. Network Infrastructure basic knowledge ( Vendor-specific certifications CISCO, Microsoft . Red Hat Certification). Knowledge of Virtualization & Cloud Computing. SharePoint and collaboration tools. Fundamental Windows Server Infrastructure. Knowledge/experience of Windows 10 and Microsoft office 365.

Knowledge/Expertise in object-oriented software development and application development in Python, others.
Contribute to implementing good software development practices: continuous integration (CI), deployment (CD), static code analysis. cz3eSUD Dmtney
Knowledge of OpenStack
Special programming/We development skills.
Knowledge of Mobile applications development.
Knowledge of cloud computing.
Microsoft collaboration tools/software.
Fluency in written and spoken English.