Fiscal Decentralisation Consultant

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Fiscal Decentralisation Consultant


Fiscal Decentralisation Consultant, Kampala, Uganda

Objectives of the Study

The primary purpose of the study is to generate country-level evidence and collaborations to identify possible improvements for the effectiveness of fiscal decentralisation for WASH. The main study objectives are:

To gain a deeper understanding of fiscal decentralisation and how it impacts effective delivery and sustainability of WASH services.
To perform a deep-dive analysis on financial flows and fiscal decentralisation in the WASH sector in Mukono and Wakiso Districts, the factors that impact its effectiveness and how this impacts the delivery and sustainability of WASH services.
To develop a country-specific and a sector-wide advocacy plan informed by the outcome of the research to address key improvements for more effective service delivery through broader fiscal decentralisation efforts in the WASH sector.

Excellent knowledge of fiscal decentralisation issues.
Extensive experience working in this field, preferably with research experience on fiscal decentralisation from sectors other than WASH
Experience of using Political Economy Analysis methodologies
Knowledge of public financing flows in Uganda and an awareness of current fiscal decentralisation policy.
Experience / knowledge of WASH sector financing