Business Development Manager Agri Business Consultancy Services-Uganda

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For nearly 50 years, the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) has worked to delivered agricultural solutions to help end hunger and poverty in developing countries, particularly through quality research, productivity improvement, market system development and supporting the enabling environments. We specialize in taking concepts from laboratory research, or to field testing and piloting, to commercial-scale implementation.

In 2022 we identified client demand to commercialize our Expertise and Experience beyond the different programs IFDC implements. Our purpose is to accelerate soil health and climate adaptive innovation in agriculture production and processing to achieve SDG2 in 2030. Reason why we are establishing Business Consultancy Services Ltd. to support our public and private clients to be successful in addressing soil health, climate adaptive production, vibrant local agribusiness & Agri-input networks, and above all improved livelihoods for small holder farmers in Africa.

Business Consultancy Services Ltd provides 6 domains of services: fertilizer & soil health research services; strategy & advisory service; agribusiness market development services; financial inclusion services; policy services; data collection & digitization.

As the Business Development Manager for Business Consultancy Services, you will take the lead and also be a critical member of the startup of the Business Consultancy Services team responsible for driving pipeline growth, new and existing client relationships, and business development. This is an exciting opportunity, in a startup with nearly 50 years of legacy, lead and help pioneer the future of Business Consultancy Services, building on IFDC expertise and experience in research and implantation in the domains of soil health, soil fertility, growing agriculture production, processing, marketing and distribution to local consumers.

The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of unlocking growth opportunities, new business, sales, client demand, service oriented project management and implementation. You must be highly motivated, client-focused, organized, analytical, and passionate about working with public and private clients to solve complex problems in climate adaptive – soil health effective production, innovative and sustainable value chains with strong private sector partners.


The Business Development Manager is expected to perform the following roles and responsibilities and to achieve the deliverables therein:

• Build, develop, and refine outreach strategy and new business pipelines for assignments in the six domains

• Manage new and existing public and private client relationships


This position requires an innovative and creative business consultancy background, detailed knowledge of business development processes and client relation management techniques, an business advisory mind set, along with proficiency in the use of client relationship management tracking technology and interpersonal skills. Analytical skills and judgement are needed to understand client demand and convert demand into opportunities for contracts.


This position is responsible for the BCS Uganda business consultancy services strategy, process and quality assurance, advising, mentoring colleagues and making daily consultancy function and personnel decisions. This position has a flexible set of objectives for the business consultancy function and primarily works on their own, interacting with the Country or Regional Director, to align IFDC work and to deliver high quality consultancy services for clients. Frequently, special assignments are requested by clients which need on the spot decision making to proceed with quotation process. This position is new and will have the responsibility to set up the BCS office and official incorporation. Errors, if not detected, may result in contract breach with clients, closure of the office or bankruptcy of the entity


The incumbent interfaces with national, international public and private clients, to persuade clients to consider assigning BCS for services for a fee business. This position must exhibit excellent intercultural communication skills. The ability to manage vertical and horizontal relations with clients and in the organization is necessary.


This position requires a high flexibility, availability, short delivering timelines, working in a normal office/home environment with no unusual demands or exposure to hazardous situations. Traveling in country to visit clients or assignment related location is a part of this position


• Ensure all activities are conducted within the scope of the contract budget;

• Ensure high quality competitive quotation, based on secondment of consultants of IFDC

• Ensure that set margins are obtained from client contract as planned and properly accounted for;

• Ensure compilation and approval of annual financial reports when incorporated;

• Ensure compilation and approval of Monitoring, Learning & Evaluation reports and outcomes.

• Ensure proper compilation of inception and final reports for clients, partners and stakeholders

Required Skills


• Knowledge in contemporary agricultural innovations and technologies.

• Knowledge of input and fertilizer markets is strongly desirable.

• Extensive network of of potential clients for business consultant services desirable

• Passion for market-led approaches to helping the rural poor to improve their livelihoods

• Ability to effectively communicate and represent the company in a professional manner and think independently

• Strong presentation, writing, negotiation skills, interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to elaborate partnership projects and grant proposals

• Ability to perform under time pressure, multiple tasks, be flexible, work independently, manage multiple tasks, and work effectively in a fast-paced multi-cultural environment.

• Sense of initiative, discretion, mature judgment, and entrepreneurial spirit is required.

• Innovation and strategic thinking are highly valued.

Required Experience


• 5+ years of experience in business consultancy services, sales, and marketing.

• Bachelor or Master degree in business or finance or agriculture related field preferred.

• Possesses exceptional analytical and problem solving skills

• Capacity to effectively interact with a multiplicity of stakeholders including senior leaders.