Consultancy to conduct Formative Research and Baseline Study

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Consultancy to conduct Formative Research and Baseline Study


Consultancy to conduct Formative Research and Baseline Study for Farm Radio International in Uganda
CountriesUgandaSourcesFarm Radio InternationalClosing dateApril 8, 2022
Consultancy to conduct Formative Research and Baseline Study for Farm Radio International in Uganda

Background and Introduction
FRI aims to establish and develop sustainable dialogue and knowledge sharing communication platforms, housed and hosted by community-oriented radio stations in East Africa. The focus of the platforms will be on facilitating and enabling inclusive, circular and regenerative agriculture.

Over a 24-month period, with a grant from the IKEA Foundation, the Dialogue and Knowledge Sharing Communication Platforms in Uganda Project, will establish the building blocks for an enduring network of dialogue and knowledge sharing communication platforms, hosted by community-oriented radio stations, serving many rural communities of Uganda. At least half of those served will be women, and one third will be youth - defined as under thirty years of age.

In the first phase of the project, a network of 12 communication platforms will be developed, each serving a unique geography and in language(s) spoken in Uganda. The building blocks established through this grant will take us toward the ultimate aim of providing a majority of rural people in both countries with reliable, continuous and powerful communication service through interactive platforms that share knowledge, facilitate dialogue, give voice, and stimulate positive change toward inclusive, circular, regenerative agriculture.

Those who access and use the service will gain:

much greater knowledge of planet positive circular and regenerative agriculture

sustainable shifts in practice toward more circular and regenerative agriculture

stronger more profitable links with short value chains

a greater sense of agency among farmers and opportunities to participate in debate, dialogue and feedback

Project proponents – including the other partners of IKEA Foundation - will be able to scale up the reach and impact of their evidence-based planet positive agricultural solutions. Government extension services and public research systems will provide more cost-effective and consistent extension and advisory services to all farmers. Farmer-serving organizations will form stronger connections with their members, share information with them, and gather their feedback. The private sector will better connect with rural producers – generating more local sales and sourcing more and better products from local farmers. A range of voices and perspectives, including those of people and groups that are critical of mainstream approaches, will be brought to the table and engaged in constructive debate and dialogue.

Qualifications and relevant experience of the firm and of the specific consultant(s) that will be assigned to this project

The general approach that the consultants will take to completing the assignment

The tasks/action steps that the consultants will undertake to complete the deliverables

The timeline and work plan