Washing Station Manager

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Washing Station Manager


Duty station: Mt. Elgon

Reports to: Engineering and Production
Job Purpose.
The Washing Station Manager will ensure that
all cherries received at the washing station are
properly processed, washed, sorted, stored,
and shipped according to Standard Operating
Procedures and work instructions while ensuring
that all documents are accurately and timely
Duties and Responsibilities.
• The Washing station Manager will be
responsible for the day-to-day running of the
station and is responsible for all the activities
that take place in the washing Station.
• Make sure the quantity, outturn and volume of
procurement cherries reach the goals set by
management on the budget.
• Ensure that cherries are purchased at the
washing station and buying units in accordance
with the Quality standard parameters given in
SOPs and timely collecting the cherries from the
buying units.
• Ensure that all operations such as cherry
processing, washing, dripping drying and
dispatching are carried out in accordance
with the instructions provided in the Standard
Operating Procedures and work instructions.
• Prepare and send daily and weekly fi nancial
reports to the Management team.
• Ensure that all documents provided are well
documented and timely submitted to the
Engineering and Production Coordinator.
• Immediately report to the Engineering and
Production Coordinator in the event of any
mechanical breakdown, cherry / parchment
quality problem or theft at the washing station.
• Maintain a proper materials stock inventory for
all items received at the washing station.
• Ensure that the certifi cation standard guidelines
are followed at all levels of processing.
• Internal inspection duty.

Organizational Setting and Work Relationships Direct supervision is received from the Representative at D2 level. Advice and operational support may also be provided by the Director/Deputy Director of the Bureau…