URA Jobs 2021 – 3 Officers Debt Collection (Cheques)

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Job Title:  – URA Jobs 2021 3 Officers Debt Collection (Cheques)

Organization: Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

Job Location: Kampala



Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Profile:

The Uganda Revenue Authority is a government revenue collection agency established by the Parliament of Uganda. Operating under the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, the URA is responsible for enforcing, assessing, collecting, and accounting for the various taxes imposed in Uganda.



Job Profile:

Manage both post-dated and dishonored cheques to ensure timely banking and recovery of all outstanding taxes



Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain safe custody  and up to date register of postdated cheques  to ensure safety and security of the cheques

a) Capture details of all the cheques received in the cheque management system.

b) Cross check cheque details to ensure they conform to the requirements stipulated in the authority letter

c) Analyze the cheques for completeness and record in the register of post-dated cheques.

d) Categorize and file cheques according to their due dates and Keep the cheques under key and lock with restricted access to enhance safety and security

  1. Bank all postdated cheques on their due dates to facilitate recovery of unpaid taxes

a) Retrieve cheques and prepare payment registration notices (PRNs) in the eTax system.

b) Liaise with MOU officers to confirm whether tax payer accounts are valid and operational

c) Follow up with the tax payers and issue reminders of the due dates of the cheques to ensure full recovery of outstanding taxes.

d) Bank the postdated cheques on their due dates in their respective banks and record details in daily banking register

e) Monitor payment of cheques banked to confirm if cheques have cleared or dishonored.

f) Prepare the daily banking report and submit to the line supervisor for review.

  1.  Manage dishonored cheques to ensure full recovery of all outstanding taxes.

a) Pick up all dishonored cheques from banks and register them in the bounced cheques register.

b) Engage with the banks to establish the reasons for dishonoring the cheques and follow up with the tax payers.

c) Write demand notes to tax payers instructing them to pay outstanding tax immediately and follow up on enforcement.

d) Analyze dishonored cheques from stations and ensure they conform to appropriate standards.



Minimum Qualifications for URA Jobs 2021: 

Essential Requirements

a) An honors Bachelor’s degree in either Commerce, Business Administration or Statistics

b) At least 2 years working experience preferably in debt collection in a reputable organization

Desirable Requirements

a) Training in Debt Collection and Credit control

b) Training in Insolvency


a) Knowledge of Debt Collection tools to recover arrears

b) Knowledge of Tax laws


a) The incumbent must have good negotiation skills and close attention to debt management

b) The incumbent must have strong Communication skills- both written and oral

c) S/he must have good interpersonal skills

d) S/he must have an impeccable record of integrity

e) S/he should be resilience with the ability to travel frequently and flexibility with ability to prioritize tasks

f) The incumbent must possess good analytical skills with close attention to detail.

g) S/he must have good reporting skills with proven sense to confidentiality

h) S/he should be able to work in teams



How To Apply for URA Jobs 2021

All interested and suitably qualified candidates should submit their applications through the link below.

Click here to apply

Deadline: 1st May 2021




No employer should ask you for money in return for advancement in the recruitment process or for being offered a position. Please contact us if it ever happens with any of the jobs that we advertise .


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